There’s no question that offering group ground transportation could significantly improve your company’s bottom line. By providing buses, you can bring in a much larger client base, specifically those hoping to travel together for big events or take tours in your area. With a bus, you could create a whole new line of revenue, be creative with the services you offer, and even provide services for affiliate companies that don’t own vehicles large enough to support their own client bases. The problem, of course, is the cost of a bus, and that’s why used buses could be what you need to save your business.

Why a Used Bus?

Pre-owned buses are the perfect solution for companies that need to provide group ground transportation but can’t afford to purchase a customized shuttle or minibus. You may need to look a little harder for the perfect ride, but once you’ve found it, you’ll be able to save thousands on the purchase right off the bat.

It’s possible to find pre-owned/used buses in excellent condition. In fact, reputable sellers refurbish every vehicle before it’s made available for sale again. That means your used buses will be in nearly new condition—so well-maintained that passengers will never have any idea you’ve purchased a pre-owned vehicle.

Potential Drawbacks

You will run into a few problems when you start looking for used buses. For one thing, you’re searching for these vehicles because new buses are more expensive. That means you’ll have to search until you locate a bus that fits your needs perfectly. If you require accessible equipment for the disabled, you’ll need to locate a bus with those features already installed.

You can save a lot of money with used buses, but you probably can’t afford to put that money back into creating the perfect bus. You may have enough room to move for rebranding the bus, adding some fun lighting or a sound system, but changing the layout of the bus is improbable. You’ll end up spending just as much on your pre-owned selection as you would a custom coach.

Consider, too, that used buses will likely need more maintenance within the first few years of ownership than a new bus would. While you can count on many retailers to provide buses in excellent condition, there is still the matter of mileage and wear to keep in mind. These costs may not add up to that of a new bus, but the additional money you’ll spend is certainly something to remember when buying a pre-owned vehicle.

Financing Options

When you do find the right bus, you’ll still need to finance it. Going to your own bank is always an option, but keep in mind that bankers may not fully understand the ground transportation business. You probably already have several vehicles in your fleet that are being financed. Explaining those to a banker who doesn’t understand can be tough, and you could end up missing out on your chance to buy. Instead, you may want to consider a financing company through your bus retailer. These lenders understand your business, so they can offer more attractive and helpful terms so you can get the right bus for you.

When you’re ready to add a bus to your fleet, Don Brown Bus Sales has everything you need, from used options to an in-house lender. We’ll help you grow your business one bus at a time.