From Forrest to The Flintstones, There are Plenty of Lessons To Be Learned

Hollywood delivers, over and over, and over again. There’s no disputing that movies are truly one of America’s favorite past times, with millions flocking to theaters each weekend to escape the week and dive into a world different than their own. Hollywood also has a long history with the bus business that has provided us with some very memorable scenes. Check out our list of 5 lessons we’ve learned from watching scenes involving buses in some of Hollywood’s best flicks.

#1 – Buses are a great place to make friends – Forest Gump

Poor Forest, he just never did have much luck with buses starting in elementary school when all the kids slid their backpacks over to keep from having to sit next to him giving us the now-iconic line, “Seat’s taken.” All that changed when Bubba joined the army. Sure, the adult army men didn’t show much love for Forest giving us the exact same line as before, but this time he was met with the lovable character “Bubba” and his good-hearted, “You can sit here if you want,” line. He’s everyone’s favorite hero.

#2 – Buses are a great place for a public sing-along – Almost Famous

There’s little that is more enjoyable than a public sing-along where everyone is on-pitch and in the correct key, and that most often happens on a bus, as evidenced by Almost Famous. Sure the whole group was on a tour bus and they’re all musicians, but still, it reminds us that there’s something unifying about being on a bus singing a beloved Elton John classic like “Tiny Dancer.”

#3 – Buses have been around forever – The Flintstones

We learned a lot about prehistoric life through the Flintstones over the years. They’ve taught us that indoor plumbing consisted of a mastodon, the garbage disposal was a creepy little dinosaur that lived under the sink, and you didn’t have to wear shoes. Perhaps the most important lesson the Flintstones taught us was that buses have been around since the prehistoric period and that they were driven by everyone’s feet.

#4 – Buses are durable – Speed

Speed taught us a lot about buses. When people aren’t able to get off them when they want to, they get hostile. When a bus can’t go under 60 mph for fear of it blowing up, things get hairy, and buses can actually make the leap between large gaps of road and stay intact. They must have purchased that bus from a very reputable company that makes quality buses.

#5 – Always take the ride – Dumb and Dumber

Poor Harry and Lloyd are wandering the desert. They’ve just had their hearts ripped out (one of them had been shot but he was wearing a vest), and they spent tons of money finding the woman they had fallen in love with knowing only her name and that she had a briefcase. Still, they’re across the country back home after foiling a kidnapping plot. They’re wandering through the desert when suddenly a Hawaiian Tropic bus pulls up to them and dozens of beautiful women lean out to talk to them. The conversation goes something like this: Hawaiian Tropic Model: “Hey boys. Would you like to come on tour with us? We need cute guys to put suntan lotion on our backs.” Harry: “Well you’re in luck. There’s a service station back that way a few miles. There’s bound to be some guys there that are interested.” Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, they chase after the bus and you think they’ve realized their huge mistake, but in actuality, the service station is the other direction… Always take the ride.