Don Brown Bus Sales’ Services in Atlanta, GA %

Don Brown Bus Sales’ Services in Atlanta, GA


Are you looking to purchase a school bus in Atlanta? Whether you are taking students to school in the morning or on a field trip across state, we understand that owning a reliable bus is of utmost importance. Don Brown Bus Sales sells brand new type A school buses that are dependable. If you need more seats or are looking for a lower price, we also sell pre-owned school buses in multiple styles. Once you know what you are looking for, browse our online selection and find the perfect bus for you and your students! The school brands we sell include Chevrolet, Ford, Freightliner, GMC, International, Starcraft, Thomas, and Blue Bird.


Are you looking for a new bus that is reliable and meets all your needs? Whether you are navigating the busy streets of Atlanta or transporting across state, at Don Brown Bus Sales we sell new Starcraft and TCI Mobility buses for whatever you may need. Shop our online inventory to find exactly what you are looking for. Customers can be assured that any vehicle sold at Don Brown Bus Sales will be high quality and dependable. We sell TCI Mobility, Main Mobility, Chevrolet, Ford, Starcraft, Dodge, and GMC! If you have any questions or are unsure of what type of vehicle will best suit your needs, contact us! Our friendly staff are available to answer any questions and make suggestions if needed!


Are you looking to purchase a purchase a pre-owned bus? Our selection of pre-owned vehicles spans many brands. Each vehicle must first pass inspection by our service department before it joins the inventory. This ensures that each bus that leaves our lot will be durable and reliable. Our customers can focus on finding the perfect fit for them, without worrying about quality. Do you already have something in mind? Browse our pre-owned inventory and find your bus! Are you not quite sure yet? Contact our staff and we can help you find exactly what you need. We sell numerous pre-owned vehicles including Champion, Chevrolet, Coach & Equipment, Collins Bus, Federal Coach, Ford,Freightliner, Girardin, Glaval, GMC, Grech, International, Keystone, Krystal, Krystal Coach, Main Mobility, Newport Coachworks, Starcraft, Startrans, TCI Mobility, Thomas, Trans Tech, Turtle Top, Blue Bird, Dodge, and MERCEDES-BENZ.

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Do you already own a bus? Don Brown Bus Sales also sells the parts needed to keep your vehicle functioning perfectly and on the road. Our easily navigable website allows our customers to find exactly what they need, without the hassle. If we don’t have the part you are looking for in our inventory, let us know and we will find it for you. With quick shipping throughout the United States and affordable prices Don Brown Bus Sales has everything you may need to keep your bus in top condition. The brands we sell include Braun, Ricon, MCC, Starcraft, Kysor/Bergstrom, Omega, Trans/Air, and Q’Straint.


Are you interested in building your own skoolie, or maybe just looking into the idea? Well, Don Brown Bus Sales is here to help! A skoolie is a renovated school bus that has been recreated and designed as a fully functioning RV. They are perfect for camping in the mountains or in the backyard, maybe even traveling across country. Whatever you are planning, we can help you take the first steps. To create a skoolie, you first need a school bus. Don Brown Bus Sales sells used school buses that are affordable while still being reliable. Having a dependable school bus can make or break a skoolie project. We are committed to providing the best products so that you can achieve your vision. We sell many brands for skoolies including Chevrolet, Ford, Freightlinger, GMC, International, Thomas, Turtle Top, and Blue Bird.

Have you already built your skoolie with a bus purchased at Don Brown Bus Sales? Send us a photo! We love to see how creative our customers can be!

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