If you’re not getting ready for the busy season of summer vacations right now, you’re behind. It’s time to catch up to your competition in the hotel industry and start offering services that your guests will love. Those same services will also bring you more income. With people trending toward the all-inclusive vacation, if you aren’t offering options for your guests to enjoy everything in your city without having to rent a car, you’re not doing your hotel any favors.

Setting up your tours with a minibus has never been easier. Again, people want to be taken care of every step of the way. They want to show up at a location and not worry about any of the logistics of having a vacation. That’s where you come in. With airport transportation, special tours, restaurant shuttle services, attraction and amusement park transportation, and on-demand services in a fleet of minibuses, your guests can rest assured they’re being taken care of.

#1 – Airport Transportation

Your guests don’t want to spend any more money than they absolutely have to. It’s important that you offer enough services that will allow them to skip the rental car counter and head straight for your minibus waiting outside. Your driver can help with luggage, give advice on great local hotspots, and establish connections with your guests before they arrive at your hotel. With airport transportation you also have the opportunity to introduce all of your other minibus services, so it’s an important first step.

#2 – Special Tours

Why not offer tours for wineries for your hotel guests? How about bachelor and bachelorette parties? If you’ve got a fleet of minibuses at your disposal, you can offer them up for special tours around the city. Maybe you’ve got a group of senior citizens coming to your hotel. How about some historic city tours highlighting places they have never seen before? It’s very easy to turn your minibus driver into a tour guide. All he or she needs is a winning personality and a passion for working with people.

#3 – Restaurant Shuttle Services

Partner with local restaurants to offer shuttle services and keep your guests thoroughly entertained throughout their trip. Offer nightly restaurant transportation. Your drivers can offer advice on what’s the best at each restaurant and the restaurants will love the extra business. There will be no need for visitors to even worry about a rental car when all of their needs are met.

#4 – Attraction and Amusement Park Transportation

Like we’ve mentioned before, people want all-inclusive vacation packages. They want to show up at a hotel, not worry about anything else, and focus on having fun. If you begin offering an attraction and amusement park transportation service, people will flock to your hotel. They do not have to worry about paying exorbitant fees for parking at the amusement park, your driver can drop them off right at the door, and you can enjoy all of the successes that come from this special service.

#5 – On-Demand Services

For those people who just really need to have some method of transportation while they’re on their vacation, offer an on-demand service that groups can use. For any number of people over a set amount, rent out one of your minibusses for the night and allow them to choose where they want to go. This would work well for family reunions and groups visiting conventions. The premium they pay will cover your costs of taking a minibus out of service for the night.

It’s time to start thinking big by thinking mini. Purchase a fleet of minibusses today and give the people what they want: quality services at a great price.