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Take some time to learn about some of the popular buses we have for sale at Don Brown Bus Sales. They include Starcraft Allstar, Starcraft Allstar XL, TCI Mobility, Starcraft Starquest and IC CE300.

Starcraft Allstar

Get details on the popular Starcraft Allstar bus that will fit 12 passenger, including up to 4 wheelchair positions. If you have additional questions on the Starcraft or any bus, just give us a call.

Starcraft Allstar XL

Watch this video to learn about the 2019 Starcraft Allstar XL 36 passenger bus with rear luggage. This bus has tons of great features, and is a favorite vehicle among transportation providers all over North America. Give us a call today to learn more.

TCI Mobility

A look at the 2019 TCI Mobility 9/3 Wheelchair Van (fits 9 ambulatory passengers or 3 wheelchair passengers). One of the great features of this van is the Braun Century 2 platform wheelchair lift. Watch the video to learn more.

Starcraft Allstar

A detailed look at the 2020 Starcraft All-Star 20 passenger, wheelchair equipped bus (fits up to 7 wheelchair passengers). Equipped with wheelchair lift, double folding bench seats and tons of flexibility, the Starcraft All-Star is a favorite vehicle among transportation providers all over North America.

Starcraft Starquest

Find out why so many in the transportation industry rely on Starcraft Starquest buses. Here we highlight the 14 passenger Starquest model, which is one of the safest, best equipped buses on the road today.

Starcraft Allstar

A detailed look at the Starcraft Allstar 25 Passenger Bus. Discover the increased driver visibility, slip resistance tread, color backup camera and other great safety features that separate the Allstar from the competition.

2015 IC CE300

A look at the 66 passenger 2015 CE300 passenger bus. Equipped with the Navistar DT diesel engine, tons of safety features and backed by the Don Brown Bus Sales aftermarket warranty.

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