Is a Bus Bathroom a Necessary Expense?

Is a Bus Bathroom a Necessary Expense?

Choosing Realistic Bus Features

When you order the first bus for your fleet, you may be tempted to include everything you possibly can in one vehicle. Before you go overboard, you should consider each amenity before deciding if it’s necessary. If you’re not careful and weigh each option, you could end up overspending for features your clients will never use. One of the most common unnecessary features is the bus bathroom, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need one. Take a look at some special amenities you should offer and when.


Sure, the idea of offering a bathroom on your bus can be inviting. Even your clients will appreciate knowing it’s there for emergency situations. However, if your buses will only be traveling around town for sightseeing tours and clients will get a chance to disembark on a regular basis, you can be sure no one will ever make use of the bathroom.

Even longer trips can be performed without a bathroom, so don’t immediately assume you’ll need one if tours will head out of town. By simply planning stops so travelers get the benefit of public restrooms, you could save thousands of dollars on building your bus.

Wet Bars

As luxurious as it may seem to have a working wet bar in your bus, you could be going overboard with this expense. Before you choose the most expensive option, consider who your main clients will be. If you plan to cater to executives, your wet bar will likely go unused. If, however, you will cater to bachelorette parties and casino trips, your wet bar could be just the ticket.

If you’re determined to offer alcoholic beverages but don’t want the additional expense, you can consider installing coolers for beverages. These coolers can be powered by the bus or simply hold ice and drinks like any other cooler might. You’ll be surprised at how easily this solves your problems.

Lighting Systems

A party bus is a great way to draw in the younger crowds, but creating the perfect party bus can be expensive. One thing that really sets these limo-style buses apart from the regular shuttle buses is the lighting system. You may be able to find various options that cost less, so be sure you investigate everything. LED lights are beautiful, but simple colored lights could give you the same effect for a much smaller amount of money.

Keep in mind that these lighting systems are only a good idea for the party buses. Your executive clients will have no use for blue and purple rope lights, which means your investment will go to waste if you’re driving mainly corporate clients around.

Where You Can’t Skimp

With all the ways you can save money when building your bus, it’s important to know where you shouldn’t go cheap. Many bus owners will choose vehicles without several safety features in place simply because they’re too expensive to install. The first should be seatbelts for every passenger. Even if your passengers choose not to use them, you must be sure to provide them. You’ll also need soft corners on any of the equipment inside the bus. This is especially important if your clients will be standing during rides, such as with party buses. Any abrupt stops could be catastrophic if the corners aren’t protected. Finally, a first aid kit is important. You’ll most likely have one, but you should make sure it’s always fully stocked and ready to go in the event of an emergency.

If you still have questions about what your bus does and doesn’t need, we’re happy to help. We’ll make sure you get the best possible bus for your money without overspending for features that will only end up collecting dust.


Image credit: Don Brown Bus

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